First and foremost, Spiritual Healing is used to compliment traditional medicine. It is not considered an alternative. If a person has medical issues and is under a treatment regimen, they should continue seeing their physician. Spiritual Healing works in concert with general medical practices.

Spiritual healing is more comprehensive than medical treatment. While tradition medicine treats only on the physical body, Spiritual Healing is more Holistic. It can work on all levels of the self, thus treating the entire person.

An individual receiving Spiritual Healing doesn’t need to have faith in the healing process.  It can work on individuals that don’t understand faith, like babies, young children and even animals. The more open and accepting the patient is to the process, the more successful the healing will be. Like with traditional medicine, the patient’s attitude can also affect the outcome. The more positive a person is, the better the chance of recovery.

There are three types of Spiritual Healing. The first is Contact Healing. Contact Healing involves the Medium Healer placing their hands directly on the patient’s body. This is always with permission, and may involve just a light touch on the shoulders. Each Medium Healer has their own way of working. A trained Medium will be aware of where they may and may not place their hands, respecting sensitive areas.  The Medium Healer will work under a Code of Conduct issued by their organization to which they must adhere.

The second and third healing types occur without touch. In Distant Healing, the healer and patient may be in the same room. Healing is sent by the power of thought. In Absent Healing, the patient is not physically present. Healing thoughts are sent to them.

The duration of the healing session varies depending upon the Medium Healer and the patient. It usually lasts between ten and twenty minutes. During the session, the patient is asked to relax and quiet their mind, and may close their eyes to assist the process. As healing proceeds, the person may feel a little warmer or cooler, or there may be no change at all. Despite the initial response to the healing process, it may take time and several sessions for healing effects to be noticeable.


  1. One of the most important factors of absent healing is “intention” of the healer. As well, absent healing is equally successful as in person. The power of intention is awesome.

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