It’s the medium’s job to connect the earthly plane to the spiritual one. She is working for the spirit world and not her own physical, egocentric, or financial goals. She is there to relay messages from the spirits of loved ones and those who have passed, and she can only communicate the information that is given to her. With this basic understanding, there are ways to improve the quality of a reading by taking several steps.

One: Keep an Open Mind. Your attitude toward a medium’s reading can affect it as much as the medium’s ability. It is important to have enough skepticism not to be taken in by frauds, but if your mind is closed, it will make communication for the medium more difficult.

Two: Calm Your Fears and Anxiety. Obtaining a reading, especially for the first time, can be an anxious time. Some people fear what they will be told. Others fear that “evil” spirits will possess them or that contacting the spirit world is a sin. You must put all these fears aside and clear your mind to be attentive and hear the messages that are coming to you.

Three: Establish Balanced Communication. When messages come from the spirit world, you must do your part. The medium cannot work in a vacuum and needs feedback to know if the communication is working. A response of, “Yes, that is correct,” or “No, that is no right,” or “Maybe, I don’t know,” will let the medium know if she has established the correct connection. This sort of feedback will improve the medium’s interaction with the spirit and more information will come through.  Even though it is good to respond, do not give the medium additional details. A simple “yes” or “no” are enough. The medium should be giving you a message, not the other way around.

Four: Have Realistic Expectations. Remember, a medium is working for the spirit world. They are not a cell phone that you can use to call someone on the other side. The person you had planned on contacting might not be the one who contacts you. If that is the case, pay attention to the message you do receive. It is given to you for a purpose. The spirit may not want to discuss something of interest to you. Once a person crosses to the other side, their priorities change. What was important during their earthly life may not be important to them anymore. Again, listen to message.

Five: Take Notes.  It is difficult to remember everything that is said during a reading. It is good to take a few notes, especially if it is a long session. Sometimes a message seems incorrect or out of place at the time. Information may need to be checked. Notes are helpful for future reference.

Six: Choose the Right Medium. Mediums have their own distinctive styles and preferences. If you are uncomfortable with someone or feel they are not a good match for you, find someone else.

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