Truth Seekers Radio Schedule 2017

March 19th: What You Always Wanted to Know About Parapsychology with guests Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD & Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD

April 16th: Profound Love from Near-Death Experiences with guest Ann Frances Ellis, PhD, MDiv, Ms

May 21st: The Insights of Emanuel Swedenborg with guest Curtis Childs

June 18th: Mediumship and the Lily Dale Community with guest Lynne Forget

July 16th: Intuition with guest Angela Artemis

Aug 20th: Dying’s Final Words with Lisa Smartt

Sept 17th: Mediumship with guests Elaine Bevans & Tracey Craig (readings for callers).

Oct 15th: Spiritual Development, Andrew Jackson Davis, and more with guest Tom Cratsley 

Nov 19th: Medical Intuition with guest Tina M. Zion

Dec 17th: After Death Communication with guest Dr Janice Holden

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