Even though physical mediumship began in the 19th century, it wasn’t until near the end of the 20th century before any long term experimental type investigation was conducted. The Scole Experiment took place between 1993 and 1998 and was led by four core members, Robin and Sandra Foy and Alan and Diana Bylett who were mediums. The trials took place in the cellar of Foy’s 17th century farmhouse located in the village of Scole in northeast England.

The cellar room was about 15 x 30 feet and painted midnight blue. The four would sit around a circular wooden table which held various crystals. All sessions were conducted in complete darkness and participants wore luminous armbands so all could observe their movements.

According to Robin Foy, “What we wanted to do was to provide physical evidence for other people to witness, which would provide actual proof of life after death that could be studied scientifically. In short we wanted to prove beyond any doubt that life goes on beyond death.”

Although the four were experienced mediums, it took meeting twice a week for a year before any results were observed. In October 1993, they witnessed the first of a series of paranormal phenomena, a coin was ‘apported’ out of thin air and materialized on the table.

After that, they witness a variety of lights darting around the room. Objects levitated and floated. Voices emanated from mid-air. This was followed by two-way communications with a team of spirit people through a cheap tape recorder.

The four were informed by spirit entities that the location of the house was a significant factor in helping build a bridge between the worlds. The ability to create this bridge was assisted by what they referred to as “creative energy.”

Over time there was a remarkable range of physical evidence produced, including photographic and video material, numerous apports, levitating objects, spirit hands interacting with observers and spirit voices communicating directly from a point in space.

One apport was a pristine copy of the Daily Mail dated April 1, 1944 that included an article about medium Helen Duncan’s 18-month prison sentence which was handed down under the Witchcraft Act. The paper was found to be genuine and in such excellent condition it would have had to have been in special protective storage for 50 years.

Scientific observers, including David Fontana, Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen, were invited to monitor sessions as well as a professional magician. The highly respected Society for Psychical Research in London conducted a lengthy investigation and published a positive report.



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