Gordon Higginson trained from a very early age to be a platform medium and began working in public at the age of 12.  He was known for the accuracy of his platform readings which often included full names, addresses and telephone numbers.  He demonstrated at many of the largest venues in the England and left behind many recordings.

 As a trance medium, Higginson had several spiritual guides.  His childhood friend, Cuckoo, and Irish guide, Paddy, were humorous.  Light only appeared once a year, usually during Christmas. His main guide, Choo Chow, visited often and provided spiritual words of wisdom.

During a 1988 trance, Choo Chow was recorded speaking through Higginson during an address. He began with a blessing from the spirit world and said there was a host of souls gathered there. “Those who are your family, your friends and those who have been drawn to you from our world because of the great bond of love between sides.”

Choo Chow stressed that unity between the earthly plane and spiritual word was important. “Put aside the things that may come between us,” he said. “As we gain life from the same father, we are one. We have the same opportunities and destinies.” He said that if we accept help from the spirit world, we will be filled with the great power that links souls together. “You will be filled to overflowing with the power of pure life.”

Choo Chow stated that the “great mind” or “creative force” had set things in motion so that we could experience the earthy plane for ourselves. But each of us has a responsibility while we are here. “You must play your part,” he said. He spoke of uniting the nations of the world. He said there would be “many hardships and pain to bear and that times of uncertainty will smother the earth.” Our job is to unite, not divide.

The guide said that the great minds of earth were linked with the great minds of the spirit world. He asked all of us to “seek deep for the heaven within you.” He also said that young souls were waiting to come to earth. It was our responsibility to ready things for them, so they could begin change when they arrived.

“There is love for you,” Choo Chow said. “We met in this way this time, but we have met many times before.” He stressed that he was there to bring a message of hope, “a sea of hope.” He instructed us to find the power in our own being and let wisdom be our guide.

At the end, he wanted us all to understand: “I come to you with a message of love, not for you to be afraid, but to know.”


Some of Higginson’s audio recordings can be found here: http://www.gordonhigginson.co.uk/audio-recordings/4532866323

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