May 20th, 2018: Mark Shaw, A Spirit Guided Crime Investigation

 Mark Shaw, is a former legal analyst for USA Today, CNN, and USA Today, is a California attorney and investigative reporter who has dedicated the past ten years to probing the truth about the JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations through his three books, Melvin Belli: King of the Courtroom, and The Poison Patriarch: How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Caused the Assassination of JFK

His latest book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, investigates the suspicious death of Dorothy Kilgallen.  “I was compelled to tell Dorothy’s story since I kept hearing her shout to me from the grave, ‘Investigate, Investigate, Investigate’, ” Shaw said. “Dorothy guided my path, leading me to evidence including official government documents, her own personal papers, and most important, the videotaped interviews with those whom she confided in regarding her 18-month exhaustive JFK investigation. Without Dorothy’s help, this book would not have been possible.”

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