June 19th, 2018: Krisztina Nemeth, Healing Voice

Krisztina Nemeth is a professional Italian opera singer and teacher of classical singing. She graduated at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz in Austria. During a career in opera she discovered she was a Vocal Medium. From then on she has devoted herself to being a Healing Voice and shares her extraordinary experience with people all over Italy and abroad.

She researched and studied mediumship and Trance Healing in Switzerland and at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK. In 2015 she graduated in Spiritual Healing -Trance Healing at the  Spirit Messenger Center in Switzerland. Today she works with internationally known mediums and researchers.

In 2013, she published the CD Clouds Project with Quantic Records and in 2014 the CD Healing Voice – Earth Her book, Healing Voice – The healing sound of mediumistic singing, was published by Verdechiaro Ed.  The English and German versions are available as e-books. The CDs, “Healing Voice – Water” (2015), the CD “Healing Voice -Fire” (2016) and “Healing Voice -Unconditional Love – Air” (Dec. 2017), were recorded for universal healing.


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