According to spiritualist H. Gordon Burroughs, “Every day is a new time; we have all eternity in which to grow, to become, to arrive in fullness and completeness.”

No matter how we arrived into this world, rich or poor, healthy or ill, wanted or unwanted, it is our choice to either hang on to the past and wallow in our condition, or to move ahead with what we’ve been given. Spiritualism teaches that no matter how long we have in this life or how we feel at this moment, we can leave all our mistakes in the past and begin anew.

Dwelling upon our past and present physical conditions often prevents us from doing worthwhile things and creating a better future. When we seek to use higher forces, we can put aside the lower or physical side of our life.  According to Burroughs, “Spiritualism says to the so-called practical ones of earth, forget yourselves; lay aside that part of yourselves to which you have listened so long, that part which says, I cannot; I fear.”

When seeking our spiritual self, our minds awaken to right and constructive thinking. We become receptive to the promptings of the “real” self.  By leaving our ego behind, we can reach higher and perform greater achievements. With training, we can achieve power which removes all obstacles on our path of life. We find that our physical body is in harmony with the world. Ill health, unhappiness, and failure are cast aside. The spirit self knows no defeat and is a part of the All.

Pain and pleasure are part of human existence. Pain is the result of working against nature; pleasure is working in harmony nature. We can endure pleasure longer then pain because it is harmonious, but both too much pain and pleasure can destroy our ultimate spiritual goal. Spiritualism teaches that we should enjoy everything in moderation. It is that moderation that allows for a happy existence on the earth plane and in spirit world as well.

To be successful we should consider perseverance an ideal goal. Burroughs said Spiritualism teaches that “the secret of success lies in seeking high and right ends, and in embracing every opportunity of attaining them, never forgetful of the golden rule in whatever station in life it may please infinite intelligence to place us.” Find what you do well, and do it unselfishly, without thought of reward or fame. Get rid of the ego. Selfish effort in time usually brings only failure.

Spiritualism also says to love and to be loved and respected during our short lives here. The goal is not to attain the most popularity or possessions. When we depart to the spirit world, we should leave behind a well-rounded, useful life. The spark of Divinity that dwells within each of us should give us poise, receptivity, and sympathy. Love and kindness should be part of our daily life. This leads to true success.


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