English Mediums: Elaine Bevan & Tracey Craig

Elaine Bevan is a Registered Nurse with 42 years of experience and has worked as a Spiritualist Medium for 30 years. She is Scottish by birth and remembers having psychic experiences as a very young child when with her maternal Grandmother who came from the Highlands.  Elaine serves local groups and churches in the southern regions and undertakes demonstrations, workshops, private readings, and services.

Tracey Craig is of Romany gypsy extraction. Her great Grandmother was Queen of her tribe and practiced Herbalism and her Grandmother was institutionalized because of her Mediumship/psychic abilities.  Tracey has had psychic experiences from childhood and is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient and works with Reiki Healing as a Master, and Trance Healing.


Elaine and Tracey will be doing short readings for our callers during our September Radio Show, Sunday September 17th. Link to show here.

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