In Part 1, I discussed how to use a Mediumship Circle to train a novice medium. Other types of less formal Mediumship Circles can also be used to communicate with the spiritual world.  These include open and closed, and Church and Home Circles.

Closed Church Circles give church members an avenue in which to practice elevating their vibrations to connect with the spirit world. The same individuals attend the circle at regular intervals, usually weekly. It’s important to have a circle Leader who handles the administrative details. Circles should have a qualified Medium, and sitters should enter the circle with a positive frame of mind.

Open Church Circles encourage people to experience Spiritualism outside of a formal church service. Since these circles are open to anyone, the church must have a qualified and capable leader to run the group. The leader should introduce the circle with a few words about the philosophy of Spiritualism. Because there may be individuals who are unfamiliar with the process, the leader should also explain the purpose and expectations of the circle to them.

It is the responsibility of the leader to ensure that messages are delivered as briefly as possible so that all may have a turn. Healing should not be offered without permission. Demonstrators should not work in trance conditions so that newcomers aren’t confused. The leader makes sure that no one oversteps their bounds and that the circle is held in a respectful manner.

Home Circles date back to the origin of Spirtualism, when friends gathered in homes to communicate with the spiritual world. Today’s home circles work in much the same way. A group of acquaintances gather at regular intervals to contact the spirit world. These circles can be closed or open.

The Closed Home Circle is composed of a set of regularly attending individuals. They meet with the purpose of expanding their consciousness and improving their ability to connect with the spiritual world. Mediums will be able to improve their ability to unfold latent mental and physical abilities under these conditions.

Open Home Circles are available for anyone who is interested in communicating with the spiritual world, either through mental or physical messages. Because the sitters may change week to week, the consistency of the vibrations in the open circle continuously change, but it allows for the inclusion of new people and encourages discussions of Spirituality.



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