Natural psychics are much more common than mediums. Many use their abilities without training, but both psychics and mediums can benefit by developing their innate gifts. Therefore, it’s important to have disciplined mediumship circles available to help individual mediums achieve greater awareness and control over their abilities.

Three people may constitute a circle, but to train a medium seven is preferred. The Spiritualist’s National Union suggests that training circles be composed of a Leader, Medium, Circle Recorder, Novice Medium and four Sitters. Each person has their own task to preform while the circle is in session.

Circles should not be held in rooms that are constantly used, because discordant vibrations could be present. Draperies and rugs should be avoided because they absorb power from the room. The idea location would be empty except for a light wooden table and plain but comfortable chairs. The temperature should be moderate so it does not distract, the air well ventilated to maintain an adequate oxygen supply.

The Leader makes absolute decisions about what happens in the circle. This person should have extensive training and knowledge and be able to observe and analyze what’s happening during the session. Other members of the circle must follow the leader’s instructions, unless of course, they are asked to go against their own principles or moral code. The Leader will be given instructions by the spirits through the Medium, but evaluate all directives before proceeding.

The Medium will assist in maintaining communication and cooperation with spirit guides or operators. When a Novice Medium is present, the Medium will advise the Leader about the psychic conditions and help the Novice by inducing mediumistic power. The medium should not be the Leader of the circle.

The Circle Recorder is appointed by the leader to sit outside the circle and take notes on all of the proceedings. An audio or video recorder may be used instead if the spirits have no objections.

The Novice should show some indication that she/he is endowed with psychic ability and spiritual aptitude to begin mediumship circle training. The novice will learn under controlled circle conditions to “tune in” to the spirit frequency level. As the medium learns to respond to the energy forces of a controlling spirit, she will develop a relationship with the spirit, who will eventually become a guide or helper.

The Sitters provide power for the circle. For novice development, four Sitters are preferred. They should be harmonious and healthy, but it is not a requirement that they have special psychic abilities. They must agree to participate for the sole purpose of providing energy to the Medium and Novice. They must refrain from pursuing their own development at that time.



    1. I think the first thing I would do is look for a Spiritualist church and see if they know of any groups in the area. Let me know how you make out.
      Blessings Karen

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